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The Truth About Credit Repair

What makes Select US different than other credit repair companies? A simple answer is that we have an individualized approach to fixing bad credit.  


Credit is like DNA - Everyone has a different makeup, therefore every person's credit needs to be treated differently. We use a personalized plan to give our clients all the tools they will need to improve their credit.

Do Credit Repair Companies Really Work?

Regardless of what you may see online; fixing your credit isn't as easy as a magic pill that makes bad credit disappear.


Unfortunately, many credit repair companies have been misleading consumers by offering them a one size fits all approach to credit repair - that plan will only result in the credit repair company taking advantage of your bad credit. 


We have heard horror stories of clients being taken advantage of by large firms, by paying thousands of dollars, still having a low credit score, as well as in some cases even judgments and lawsuits against them.  

What is the best Credit Repair Company?

At Select US, our point of view is to educate you on the ins and outs of credit repair. We do more than provide generic dispute letters and processes as everyone else. 


Our main goal is to educate you on how to repair your credit to your advantage. We are only successful if you are successful- read our reviews!!


When you are ready to break the cycle of bad credit, our team of established credit repair coaches is ready to help.  


We are here to help pave the way to your new future of good credit and all the benefits that it will afford you.  Our team is dedicated to changing the way you think about credit and change your life.

Ready to Get Started? Sign Up for a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our experienced Credit Coaches!



Select Us Credit Repair vs. Other Credit Coaches

How Select US Works with Clients:

We evaluate each client's credit and situation uniquely, we review each individual profile, and are able to offer many solutions to obtain an overall credit improvement!

  • VIP Treatment - At Select US you are a person- not a credit report. If you have questions, we want to answer them.  We want to provide you with as much knowledge as possible in order for you to succeed financially.  

  • Understanding - We are with you each step of the way, we know the stress bad credit can cause and we will guide you through each step of the process. 

  • The Truth - We take our vision for your credit seriously.  We will give you the tools you will need to succeed- it will require hard work.  

  • Accuracy - Our team is properly trained to handle routine credit issues as well as more advanced issues that can arise such as; a new collection, settling debt, wage garnishment issues, and judgments- to name a few 

  • Team Players - If you are looking to get a mortgage loan with poor credit, we will work directly with your realtor and/or lender in order to achieve the best solution for your needs.  Our specialty is credit repair for those looking to purchase a home or refinance, check out our top credit tips for homebuyers.

  • Pathway to Financial Freedom - We customize our process around the individual to provide them the tools to achieve short and long-term goals.  Once your credit is on the right track, you'll have lower interest rates, more financial opportunities, and ultimately more money in your pocket!

Open Your Eyes to Credit Repair

  • Did you know that paying off collection could drop your credit score?

  • Did you know not having credit can result in a low credit score?  

  • Did you know that a new $50 collection today could hurt your score more than $20,000 repossession or $300,000 foreclosure from 5 years ago?

  • Did you know that depending on which state you live in there are laws on when someone could sue you for an outstanding debt?

  • Did you know that If you paid a collection company even $1 it restarts the clock on the amount of time that you can be sued? 

These are just a few examples of how confusing and misleading credit repair can be. 


Select US will take the confusion out of credit repair through our credit coaching to get you on the right track.


There is more than one way to fix credit - Each person is in need of an individualized process to maximize their credit score and credit knowledge.

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