Credit Repair

*****by George Bertele III - Leonardo, NJ

Hard work and dedication to their clients!

Words can not describe the appreciation I have for this group of people. The hard work and dedication to their clients is incredible. I truly can not thank them enough for what they have done for my family and I. Everyone from Pat signing me up, to Heather and her team going above and beyond to make sure my credit got where it needed to be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart guys. ROCK ON!!

*****by Dwayne Simmons - Hudson, OH

Thank you Select!

I began working with Select US LLC last year to work on increasing my credit scores. They were prompt in returning phone calls, answering any questions that I may have had. Now I have just received my pre-approval letter from the bank and we are ready to proceed with our home purchase. Thank you Select!

*****by Tiffany Brown 

100% satisfied!

Wonderful company to work with. I am 100% satisfied with the results of the work they put in to repair my credit.

*****by Natasha Santiago - Philadelphia, PA

A company that I will definitely recommend to get credit fixed!

It has been a pleasure having Select us work on our credit, we had been working together to help my boyfriend fix his credit his credit was very low with some collections and in less then 3 months Select Us had his credit high enough for him to qualify for a mortgage loan. They also were very helpful in giving me tips to build mines up too at no cost . Thanks Select Us for your help....A company that I will definitely recommend to get ur credit fixed.

*****by Mercedes Fleet - Philadelphia, PA

Ready to buy a home!

I was referred to Select Us by a mortgage company with a score in the low 500s. I worked with Chris & Heather throughout the process of getting to where I needed to be to purchase a bigger home for my family. Within 4 months, I was up to the low 600s and soon after, I received good news that I was ready to buy a home. When I say that this company has helped me, it’s the truth!

*****by Andrea White

They are dedicated to your success!

Thanks to Heather and the great staff at Select Us, my husband and I were able to purchase are first home together. They are dedicated to your success! We recommend them to anyone who needs help with raising their credit scores. Thanks again!

*****by Gina Schofield

I thought my credit was done.

Chris and his team are amazing. I thought my credit was done and would never see a good score again but after a short time with them things started to turn around. Thanks a lot!

*****by Chris Pruitt 

I wouldn't go anywhere else.

I would love to tell all of you about select us they are the best people and do the greatest things. I was told if I do what they say the will help and boy did they ever. I was in the low 500’s when I started and in about 7 months I am now in the 700’s. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

*****by Lindsay Drager

I absolutely  1,000% love this company!

I absolutely 1,000% love this company!! Chris, the owner is INCREDIBLY responsive! So are Joe & Heather from the office! I had my doubts in the beginning about being able to clean up our credit, because it was in the gutters, but they cleaned it up by nearly 200 points! No lie! We were around 510 and were now around 690! And it’s still going up! We are now in the process of purchasing our very first home! We couldn’t be happier! We’re ecstatic! We never in a million years ever thought we’d have a chance at owning our own home, and now with such good credit, we’re (hopefully) looking to move in the next couple of months! In which we owe it all to SelectUs! Without them, we’d still be living where we are, miserably! I can’t thank Chris and the rest of his crew enough for getting us to where we are now! I was a skeptic at first, but took a chance, and want to cry tears of joy, because now we can have a house for our daughter to grow up in, a backyard for our dog, and not to have to constantly live annoyed and mad due to our noisy upstairs neighbors!!
Chris, Joe, Heather- THANK YOU GUYS SO SO VERY MUCH!!! There’s no way we’ll ever be able to show you guys how appreciative we are of how hard you guys worked to get us here!! Thank you for ‘round the clock hard work!!

*****by Shantrell in Brown Deer, WI

Raised my score and secured a home loan!

Joe, Heather, and Chris has helped me raise my credit score and helped me secure a home loan! They also patiently answer all of my questions and concerns I had regarding my credit report. I highly recommend Select us!!!!

*****by Maria Young

100 points within months and credit ready!

I was referred to Select Us by our mortgage officer and from day one they had been super helpful to me and my husbands case! Today we just closed on our first home, which a year ago we wouldn't have been in the qualifying range for the home we bought today! They were very helpful and informative. Our credit scores each went up 100 points within months and we were credit ready! I highly recommend Select Us for your credit repair needs!

*****by David Reed in St. Johns, FL

Saw results in 90 days!

Big thanks and huge recommendation of Chris and his team. They did an outstanding job and the end results were more than expected. We wanted to purchase a new home but had poor credit and low scores. We followed the plan laid out by Select Us and saw results in 90 days. We continued to build our credit back to near excellent and purchased our dream home recently. I will continue to refer people in need of Select Us services to them.

*****by Skylar Huggett

Whatever hole you’re in, they’ll help you out of it!

My fiancé and I were looking to purchase our first home, but I had poor credit and wasn’t going to be able to get a loan to do so. I was recommended to Select US credit repair services and that was the best thing I could have done. Their price was fair and though I didn’t compare other companies, I have absolutely no regrets. Their team worked around the clock to help get my score to where I needed it to be not only for the FHA loan, but even higher than what was necessary. They were very informative in what I needed to do. Their only request of me was that I put in the effort to do what needed to be done on my end. They would regularly call to check on me and constantly asked if I had any questions. I am forever grateful to them for helping me get to where I am now and giving me the tools I needed to keep improving my credit score. Even once my case was closed, they have ensured me that if I ever had a question they would be there to assist me however they could, and that means everything. If you find that you need help improving your credit for whatever reason I HIGHLY recommend Select US, I promise you that whatever hole you’re in they’ll help you out of it.

*****by C Petrera 

Now I'm ready to close on the house!

I was referred to Select Us while trying to get a mortgage with an embarrassingly low credit score, in 6 months, just by following their guidance, my score improved by nearly 150 points and I am now ready to close on the house. It was easy and well worth it.

*****by Wyonia Glover 

Are accessible to their client

They prepare you to buy a house from credit repair to advising. They are accessible to the clients. Thank you Heather, Brittney, Chris and staff.

*****by Renee Brown

I recommend their expertise to anyone

I began my journey with Selectusllc in the beginning of May. Chris and the team have been very persistent with callbacks, information and reassuring that I am on my A-game. People may think what selectusllc does can be done by anyone, but the knowledge and effort this crew brings to the table is untouchable. 
In my personal experience they bring structure and guidance to assist me with reaching my goal of becoming a homeowner. 
(By the way since May my credit score has increased over 60 points) I am recommending their expertise to anyone who is serious about gaining stability for their future!

*****by Barry Wilkins 

Help me close on my new home!

Thanks for helping me close on my new home! Enjoyed the experience working with Select US and how they kept in touch and was very informative and through out the process. I recommend Select US to anyone looking for a new start with credit.

*****by Charles Klingberg 

Got me where I needed to be yo buy a home

I worked with chris and his team to improve my credit score and they got me where I needed to be to buy a house I'm glad I went through them and would do it again if needed super friendly and motivated to help me.

*****by LaTonya Jones

This is real, they are real

I started my journey with Select Us on December 28th 2017, my score was in the low 500's and I believe one was 498. As of today May 15th 2018 my highest score is 680, the next is 664, and the last score is 662. I started out with secured credit cards and now I have three actual cards (not secured) with really high limits. I tried other credit repair companies and I was really skeptical about handing out more money and not seeing any results but my brother went through Select Us last year and with in four months he became a home owner with their assistance. I'm saying this to say this....This Is Real, They Are Real, They Walk You Through the Entire Process!!!!!!! Chris, Brittney and the rest of the crew, thank you all so much!

*****by Michelle Winter

Scores rose almost 75 points across the board

I wish I could give Select Us more than just 5 stars. They really are such a phenomenal group to work with. I started my journey in January 2018 and my credit was a mess. Chris reassured me that if I listened to his advice and trusted their process, I would see results. I was SO skeptical - I was pretty sure that I would be stuck with crappy credit forever and did not think their services would help me. However, within 3-4 months of working with them, my scores rose almost 75 points across the board. I went from having a ton of collection accounts to just a handful. And best yet - we were able to be pre-qualified for a mortgage in a much shorter time than we had ever imagined. Everyone at Select Us is just phenomenal and Chris, Heather & Brittney are such a pleasure to work with. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!

*****by Stacy Postell

You all Rock

Chris, Heather and Brittany were Awesome and so professional..I would recommend them 10 times Over.. Way to Go Guys ..You all Rock!!

*****by Roseann Pravato in Pocono Lake, PA

Recomend them to all of my friends

Great personal service.
Very friendly staff. Helped in all areas that we needed help in.
I would definitely use them again
I would recomend them to all of my friends

*****by Kiss Jones

Great service Great people

Working with Select Us was great. Great service, great people, great work, and produces great results.

*****by Yasheika Bates

I would recommend SELECTUS to anyone!

Where can I started! Chris, Heather, and Brittany was amazing! For a long time me and my husband didn’t think we would get this credit thing down! Chris and his team did the job and made me see things much better for my future! If they tell you to do, you do it! I would recommend SELECTUS to anyone! I hate that our journey have came to an end, but I will be grateful for Chris, Heather, and Brittany! Thanks again SELECTUS!!! I will be sending people your way!!!!    From the Bates Family

*****by Jay Cruz

In only 4 months my score went up

Select us really did what that said they would do. They were professional and always in contact with me to help me imprive my credit score by pointing me in the right direction. In only 4 months my score went up enough to be approved for a mortgage. They definetly deserve 5 stars.

*****by Linda Wallace in Logan, NJ

Worked out Great!

Helped us with identity issues. Worked out great!

*****by Dorothy Pritchett 

Score increased almost 200 points 

So helpful and patient. The staff was very responsive to queries. My score increase almost 200 points in six months.

*****by Breskie Malave in Philadelphia, PA

My credit never looked better

Amazing work by an amazing team!!!! My credit has never looked better and i am on my way to buying my first home! Thank you everyone at Select Us LLC!

*****by Candice Jacobs in Browns Mills, NJ

Honest, straightforward and dedicated!

Chris and Heather were AMAZING!! Honest, straightforward, and dedicated!! If you need help with your credit I HIGHLY recommend Select Us LLC.!!!!

*****by Matthew Cassidy in Philadelphia, PA

10000% Recommended

Chris and his team are unbelievable. They’re right to the point and do all the heavy lifting. Told me what i needed to do, what they were doing and next thing you know I’m closing on my house. 10000% recommended.

*****by Nicholas Bremer

Wonderful and expedient service

I am enamored with the wonderful and expedient service provided by Chris and his staff. All of my questions were answered in a straightforward detailed manner. I was put in touch with the right people and could not be more satisfied with my result.

*****by Joe Costa in Philadelphia, PA

Score increased 80 points and got approved for mortgage

I tried a few other company’s before Select us and I can tell you from my experience they where the best. They work with you one on one and stay by your side until you accomplish your goals. The people are nice and great to work with, I would highly recommend using their services. Not to mention my credit score increased about 80 points and I got approved for a mortgage.

*****by Shane Costello in Portland, PA

Team of professionals

Worth every penny. This team of professionals will help you the minute you even get on the phone with them inquiring about their services. They impressed us and I will always recommend them. You never get off the phone with them wondering anything. Soooo full of information and experience! An investment for a better life in the future with healthy credit! Choose them!!

*****by Susan Johnson in Edgewater Park, NJ

Professional and Courteous

The staff was very professional and courteous. They stayed on top of all issue until they were resolves. Awesome job Select Us LLC!👍

*****by Mandy Renee Vlogs

I would highly recommend SelectUs!

Chris and his team did an amazing job in helping us with raising our credit! They were there if we had questions and made us feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Select Us.

*****by Michael Antinore

Helped me get back on track

An amazing place with an amazing staff they really help me get back on track with my credit

*****by Candice Villanueva in Royal Oak, MI

I can proudly say that I just closed on my house a few days ago!

I can't rave about the Select Us team enough. I did my best to rehabilitate my credit on my own for about 6 months and while I made progress I just could not get over that hump to mortgage ready. I found out about Select Us through my extensive research on fixing my credit and I have to say it was the best phone call I've ever made. They are straight-forward and to the point. They will give you all of the tools you need just need to follow the directions. Heather was super attentive. I would send an email and she would call me, just to ensure my questions were answered promptly and accurately. I started working with Select Us in January and 5 months to the day I received my Pre-Approval and I can proudly say that I just closed on my house a few days ago! I never thought it was going to happen but by teaming up with Select Us my day dreams turned into reality. If you want to make it happen then invest your time, energy and trust and let Select Us guide you. They are worth it!

*****by Frederick Schmitz in Watertown, NJ

I can never thank them enough for what they did for me.

While laying my wife of 30 years to rest, her cell phone was hacked and someone ran up a huge bill by purchasing new iPhones and equipment. As soon as I received the invoices, I contacted my cell phone provider's fraud division and was assured it would be handled by them. Well, after a year I found out while applying for another mortgage they had sent the case to collections anyway which totally damaged my credit score. Even though they sent the iPhones to North Jersey and I've lived in South Jersey my entire life, they kept telling me I was responsible for the fraudulent charges.

I was lucky enough to have gotten Select Us LLC's contact info from my lender and once Patrick, Heather, and the rest of their group got on the case, I never looked back. I was amazed at how well they worked for me against this giant cell phone company and got the entire case resolved and my excellent score back! This is a remarkable group of people that will work relentless for you and I can never thank them enough for what they did for me. Heather you were fantastic!

*****by Vickie Hickman

We are now able to build our first home.

What an amazing job Chris and his team Heather and Brittany did for our credit. We are now able to build our first home. Heather and Brittany called weekly to give us updated information. The whole team was professional, knowledgeable, patient, and accomplished exactly what they told me they were going to do. Help RAISE our credit score! Heather was great in explaining the process, letting us know what to do on our end to make this happen. Their expertise has given us the knowledge in how we spend money, view, read and understand our credit report. We could not have done this without you! We are truly blessed.

*****by Christine Alfonso in Hammonton, NJ

Working with them has raised my score close to a 100 points.

I was referred to Select Us by a mortgage broker/family member because I wanted to get my financial situation in order so that I can purchase a home. Heather and Brittany were amazing during the whole process they kept me updated through the entire time. Working with them has raised my score close to a 100 points. I would recommend them to anyone!

*****by Tone Barbaccio

Select Us is your best tool for getting your credit where you need it to be.

Friendly people that know what they're talking about. Navigating the credit waters is a tricky, maddening task that takes a ton of time. Select Us works with you to make it easy to clean up your credit, lower your interest rates, and get you the better rates on the things you want in life like a home, a car, a boat, or anything else you've dreamed of owning. Select Us is your best tool for getting your credit where you need it to be.

*****by Anthony Dalessandro in Glendora, NJ

Anything you need, they are there and they are on top of it with urgency.

I started working with this company around 9 months ago. When I first started with them my credit was awful. I had many missed payments many accounts that were closed and / or in collections. Just within a short period of time Chris, Heather and there team were able to work on removing what was really hurting my credit and bring me to a point where I can be approved to purchase a home. These guys are awesome, anything you need they are there and they are on top of it with urgency. I would highly recommend them to any one. Thank you guys sooo much!

*****by Rachelle Andreacchio Cortes in Port Saint Lucie, FL

Helped me bump my score up over 100 points

I contacted Select US to help me with some credit issues prior to purchasing a home. They helped walk me through the process of cleaning up my credit, checked on me along the way, and helped me bump my score up over 100 points. Friendly staff. Thanks!

*****by Traviz J

No one else has been better. 

Chris, Patrick, and Heather are the best in the business. Great people who have created fantastic results! Thank you all for all that you have done. I haven’t got results like these! No one else has been better. No other company is better!!!

*****by Chrissie Mitchell in Swarthmore, PA

Two days ago, I was approved to purchase a home, which I didn't think was possible.

I contacted Patrick Ryan a few months ago from Select US. He was highly recommended to me in regards to fixing credit! We worked on getting accounts removed off my credit report, they taught me how to manage credit cards, and helped me with a lot of life skills in regards to credit/savings that I'll remember forever. Why?? BECAUSE IT WORKS!! Two days ago, I was approved to purchase a home, which I didn't think was possible. Pat, his whole team behind him at Select US made my dreams turn into reality in the drop of a hat!! I would highly recommend this company to anyone and everyone looking to improve their credit and gain knowledge on spending, savings & credit! Thank you, Select US!!

*****by Chris Major in Colts Neck, NJ

Bottom line: 5/5 stars.

Chris Wisniewski and his team do excellent work. At the start of my time with them, my goal was to get my credit score over a 700. We started with 610 and ended with 730 after four months, and my score continues to go up now that they were able to get several falsely-reported accounts removed from my credit report.

Note that Select Us LLC is NOT a credit repair company. This isn't one of those things where you negotiate your credit card balance to a quarter of what's owed and take a hit to your credit. Rather, they are a credit COACHING agency. They will do most of the legwork and advise you every step of the way, but it's incumbent upon you to follow through. You will have to send out the dispute letters they draft, you will have to monitor your spending, etc.

That said, it is well worth the effort. They are extremely on top of things, more so than you will be. As soon as you get the dispute letters to send out, expect a call and an email once a day until you get them out the door. And, as other reviews also indicate, you can always get in touch with someone. Calls are returned promptly if you call if after hours, and if you call during business hours you'll always get someone on the phone. It's nice too that the owner of the business is always available to talk if you ever have any questions.

Bottom line: 5/5 stars. I got outstanding results by following their advice, they have excellent customer service, and the services are very reasonably priced compare to what other companies charge. And once your "contract" with them is up (like mine was three months), as long as you're following through they'll keep working with you until you're satisfied. I made my final monthly payment in early January, and they continued to work with me until the end of February without charging any more. And even if you have an issue pop up a year from now, they'll still always take your questions and help however they can.


I have nothing but good things to say about Chris Wisniewski and his team at Select Us LLC, and highly recommend them to anyone looking to take the next step in improving their credit or making their next big life purchase. After working with them, I'm pre-qualified with several institutions for mortgages with very purchaser-friendly interest rates. I can't thank them enough for all the help.

*****by Chrissy McCarson

My credit score went up close to 100 points.

Was referred to Select Us and was not disappointed from day one. My credit score went up close to 100 points. They were always so nice when I spoke to Brittney and Heather. They stayed in touch and kept me up to date with the whole process. I would recommend them to anyone.

*****by Caisse Gore in Hainesport, NJ

Life changing experience that we will be forever grateful for. 

My husband and I can't say enough about Heather, Brittney, and Chris!! We are going to purchase our dream house because of the amazing guidance and help of this amazing group of people. Very professional! Super personable (Heather could seriously be my best friend at this point!!). Sooooo down to earth and helpful in teaching us how to manage our credit and adjust our lifestyle to get our scores where we need them to be. If you do your part, they will 100% do theirs!! Life changing experience that we will be forever grateful for. Please don't hesitate to choose Select will have zero regrets!

*****by Vyagale Maryland in Alameda, CA

If you want results, look no further.  

Select Us is an awesome group of people to work with.  Chris, Patrick, and their team deliver results not just empty promises.  The team is helping me to rebuild my credit score which is allowing me to be able to finally  purchase another home again and begin investing in investment properties again. They delivered positive credit increase results in just 3 months!  If you follow their guidance, you will experience amazingly quick results. The system they implement works!  If you want results, look no further.  😊

*****by Karen Elder

Very impressed, totally professional.   

I am having tax issues from a second mortgage and I talked to Chris after work hours and he advised me to contact a tax advisor and even gave me a name and phone number of someone to contact. I was very impressed and he was totally professional. Thanks again

*****by Joe Greble in Audubon, NJ

Best customer service.  

Best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. Heather and Brittany were fantastic and got back to me within minutes every time I reached out. To top it off, Chris is the man. He got done exactly what he said he would do for me. I could not be any happier with this company. Thank you again.

*****by Jaajha Jordan in Newark, DE

100 point increase.   

I signed up to have Chris and his team help me to restore my credit, and they did just that! I seen a 100 point increase and was able to get credit cards in my name. They were patient and always available to answer my questions; ensuring I was kept In the loop with things! They are really the best!! THANK YOU SELECT US 💜

*****by Pure Organic Hair Salon in Washington Twp, NJ

My credit score went from 400 to 600

I have tried so many companies that were supposed to fix my credit after my divorce and all I did was spend a ton of money. Then I was referred to Chris.... Chris was extremely helpful and explained everything. If you do exactly what they tell you to do you will see a huge difference. It was such an amazing experience. Heather and Brittany were so good and always helped me. Every question was answered. My credit score went from 400 to over 600. I am so thankful to Chris and his Team!

*****by Jeanne Clifford in Pitman, NJ

Honest + Upfront  

Chris and his staff were extremely helpful. After unsuccessfully attempting to repair my credit on my own I started researching credit repair companies. After many phone calls, I came across Select Us LLC. After speaking to Chris, I knew he was the one I wanted to handle my accounts. He was very honest and upfront. He worked aggressively to clean up my accounts in a short period of time. I am amazed! Thank you for all of your hard work!

*****by Sophonia Maxwell in Philadelphia, PA

Awesome Job

I can honestly say that Chris and Brittney are awesome, they stayed in communication and on top of everything, they gave me detailed information on what to do and what not to do, they focused on my credit until I was approved for my fully remolded brand new home, and I just want to say Thank you to the staff for such a awesome job, you guys had faith in me when I didn't have faith in myself, I really appreciate you all😁😁😁

*****by Donna Davis 

If you want results, look no further.  

First off I can’t begin to explain my overall joy working with Select. Heather has been our go to through the process and she has been absolutely AMAZING! Never any unanswered questions and if you do what they say you are sure to find your success at the end of the journey! It’s been an incredible ride and I can’t give enough thanks to the team for working for us. Thanks again you guys! Y’all rock! We are mortgage ready! ❤️

*****by Kareem Holden

Best Decision I Ever Made!  

Best decision I ever made! Help reduce my debts in under 4 months and got me into
My mortgage and home 6 months later. Thanks Chris!

*****by Luz Rosario in Vineland, NJ


Saying Thank You Is Not Enough.....I was so amazed, when Chris said three months. Three months it was. My results on my credit report were everything they promised. Chris, Heather, Brittney and Amy amazing people to work with. They keep you posted and direct you in every step. I did not think it would be possible to see my credit score increase so quickly. I have used other services and paid so much more, without seeing any results. I truly recommend Select US to anyone who is looking to improve and increase their credit score. Not just increasing your credit they teach you along the way. Thank You...

*****by Lynsi Drew in Ramona, CA


Excellent communication skills, WORTH every damn penny! My score went from low 500's to 669 & 679 in 3 months. I could not feel more comfortable and confident about where I am at without Select Us help! It has changed my life. They shed light on my spending habits and helped guide me on things that HELP raise my score and things that don't. If you're justifying paying, just remember that I am a single mom raising a 2 year old in San Diego, CA on a fixed income. If I can do it, you can do it. I didn't really understand anything about credit, so It was nice having a company break things down for me! Thank you Select Us for providing such great service. I can't wait to see my score continue to climb!!!! I could BARELY qualify for a credit card for $300 and I just received a line of credit for $4,000 from Chase Bank! I am SO proud!

*****by Tesannah Moore in Ewing, NJ


I've always ignored any thing that had to do with building your credit until, things went from bad to worst. Little did I know that there were people who could understand and help you realize that there is always a second chance in life [sic] until I encountered this team of professionals. Awesome, patient, reliant, who looked beyond my shame and fears. Today, I feel proud to say I have at least a confident voice to let others know that it's never too late to accomplish your goals through these wonderful people. The Select Us Team!! Words are inadequate to describe what you've helped me start and, the great work you do to elevate our lives. This is just the beginning of my story that will be shared with those that need you. Thank you and God bless you. Job well done.. Me Moore 

*****by Gabrielle Morgan


My husband and I were almost ready to give up our dreams of owning a home when we were referred to Select Us by our broker. He put us in touch with Chris who is absolutely amazing! He always answered all of our questions and even talked me off the ledge a few times. The awesomeness didn't stop with Chris, Heather is great she always called me back and returned my calls and made sure we were on track and that we had full understanding. What Chris, Heather and the team were able to do for us was nothing short of amazing. My husbands score went up almost 100 point in 3 months. We are no under contract to purchase our first home. Thanks for helping to make our dreams come true!!!!

*****by Ray Rupertus in Newfield, NJ


If you have any credit problems contact Select US LLC they did wonders for my credit to the point I was able to purchase the house I was trying to buy but my credit scores held me back. They were always calling me back with concerns I had and did wonders for my credit score. Everyone I worked with there were always able to get me answers I needed but most of all they work hard to get your credit cleaned up. 1000 percent I would highly recommend anyone with credit issues don't delay contact them right away [sic]. THANKS AGAIN TO SELECT US LLC!!!!!!!!!

*****by Ashley Hamzeie


I was very apprehensive to get started with Select US LLC. I think as a general consumer we are always nervous before paying for a service that does not have a 100% guarantee. However, it ended up being one of the BEST decisions I ever made. Patrick was great to work with and his team really impressed me with their follow through on each instruction I received. I followed every instruction and piece of professional guidance they gave me and here I am 4 months later with a credit score that went up nearly 200 points! As many college graduates, I came out of school with a student loan debt I could not afford the monthly payments on based on the salary I was offered. It got my credit score into some major trouble that has followed me for many years. However, I am in a much better place now with a great job and knew it was the time to make a move to purchase a home. My husband and I have been renting for nearly 7 years. We never tried to purchase a home as we knew my credit would be an issue. I did research online and came across Select US LLC. From the moment I spoke to Patrick, he encouraged me that I could do this!!! He was extremely confident that if I followed the program I would be able to accomplish my life goal of owning a home. He could not have been more correct! Patrick even helped me to get in touch with a Mortgage Broker who is now in the process of getting us pre-approved for our first home! I could never have done this without Patrick and his amazing team. You all changed my life and I am forever grateful. I suggest anyone in a similar situation to get on board right away and not waste another moment with the doom and gloom of bad credit lurking above your head each day. When I think about what I paid for this service, I know that what they did was worth far more! THANK YOU SELECT US LLC!

*****by Melissa Boone in West Chester, PA


I used Select Us LLC to help clear up things on my credit report as well as my husband's credit. My situation was fairly complicated with missed payments from a property that no longer belonged to me, and my husband needed to settle a judgement. It took some time, but Chris was willing to work with us for as long as it took to get us where we wanted to be. We now both have credit scores in the 7 and 800s, and settle on a house next month. If your serious about improving your credit I highly recommend Chris and his team.