What it's Like to Live With Near-Perfect Credit

For many of us the last time we didn’t have mortgages, credit card balances, and/or student loans, we were too young to own much more than a bicycle and a pack of gum. So it can be hard to think about what life is like living without bad credit, as the the National average FICO score has been under 700 for years now. Which often leaves the question: what does life look like with good credit?

As of 2016, 18% of Americans had a credit score of 800+. And before you say a near-perfect credit score doesn't matter, we can give you plenty of examples why life can be amazing with an 800+ credit score.

Credit scores typically break down in the following manner:

  • 720 or more: Excellent

  • 660 - 719: Average/Fair

  • 620 - 659: Poor

  • 620 or lower: Bad

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