Why Credit Repair Companies Suck

The industry of credit repair carries a heavy stigma. If you've ever googled "credit repair company" you've probably noticed that half the sites that pop up are blogs pointing out credit repair scams. And indeed there are companies out there take large payments with little benefit for the consumer and even some that flat out break the law. These companies usually stand out as they boast unrealistic (and often impossible) promises such as perfect credit scores, new credit reports, or elude they have an "in" with the credit bureaus.

The average consumer these days is internet savvy and most times won't fall for the obvious over the top marketing schemes.

However, there are plenty of credit repair companies out there that operate within the legal limits, but can be just as detrimental to their clientele.

These companies are often harder to spot at first glance. They offer no knowledge or support and their clients: on-going and repeat customers, are never able to learn from their mistakes. The difference between a good credit repair company and a bad one comes down to who is advocating for themselves vs advocating for their clients; and that difference can cost consumers thousands (or more)!

So how can you tell the difference between the "good guys" and the cons? Just as in most industries the big companies are going to be the ones that are usually not offering as much customer service/support. Where this might only be a minor inconvenience for say, cable TV, when it comes to credit repair it makes a huge difference! The answer lies in finding a company that offers more than enough value from their services that they do not need to keep you on the hook for years in order to survive.

Select Us LLC has the power of the "big" guys but the service and personalized support of a small business. If you need help on your credit, but it's something you can fix yourself... guess what? We'll tell you exactly that. Don't waste your time and money paying low monthly fees for little to no results and walking away none the wiser.

But don't take our word for it, speak with a consultant today and get a free consultation. Ask questions, learn how it all works and make an educated decision!

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