What Every Potential Homeowner Needs to Know About Credit Repair

Your credit history affects you whether you know it or not. Employees use it when hiring, Utility companies run it before they can offer you services, there are even dating sites that match people based on their credit scores. Most people don't think about their credit report until they need to, but if you've ever thought about buying a home, you know just how important your credit is. Not only does having good credit improve interest rates and the amount of your loan, but having poor credit can prevent you from getting a mortgage altogether. So what do you do if you're ready to buy but don't have the credit score to qualify for mortgage approval?

Many people attempt to fix their credit on their own. This can be an affordable fix if you have the time and the know how, and your credit report only has a few disputes. However, this isn't always the best option for those with more complicated issues such as settlements, loans in default, bankruptcies, etc. So where do you go next? The truth is, most credit repair companies aren't interested in WHY you are trying to rebuild your credit, and their strategies reflect that. That's one of the first ways Select Us is different from other credit repair companies (but that's only the beginning).

Select Us works exclusively with potential homebuyers. That means that our restoration techniques are tailored specifically to get you quick and efficient results in order to qualify for a mortgage (and with over 20 years in the housing industry, we know exactly what that entails!). We also don't rely on you staying with us for extended periods of time or being a repeat customer. We will restore your credit history, but will also teach you how to build positive credit moving forward so that you won't need us ever again! We are a one stop shop for mortgage approval and can even connect you with the best lenders and Realtors in your area. Every client requires a personalized touch and gets one on one consulting with our specialists at every step along the way. Our bottom line is not keeping you as a client for years, but to making sure you reach your goal - and that makes all the difference.

We are committed to providing individualized strategies to optimize each persons credit capabilities. We specialize in working to alleviate the stress that bad credit can cause and are personally invested in the success of every member and partner. Investing in a home is investing in your future and we don't take that responsibility lightly! So if you are even thinking about buying a home, but need help with your credit, make sure you get the most value for your hard earned dollar.

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