The Biggest Lie in Real Estate

Realtors starting out, and even those who've been in the game for years, all seem to have the same goal in mind: luxury real estate. Make it to the luxury real estate circles and you can sit back, do a few deals a year and make millions, right? Not exactly.

Luxury real estate used to be the only way to make a large salary... 15 years ago. But just like so many other industries, the real estate game has changed. Before the housing market fiasco in 2008, being a realtor or mortgage lender was a glamorous profession. High valued properties, and therefore higher commissions, were much more widespread. Many professionals since then, have suffered to recover from the reduction in homeownership paired with increasing lender standards.

However, there are plenty of professionals who have figured out the secret to the changing industry - and as most pros who are resourceful and adaptive, they have not only succeeded but thrived. Luxury real estate is no longer the only way to make 7 figures, and the secret is right under your nose.

Let's break it down: Homeownership is at an all time low and 56% of consumers are reporting subprime credit. Every generation has been hit with hardships and debt keeps rising while FICO scores keep falling. Many real estate professionals shrug these numbers off and spend countless hours weeding through "useless" leads, wasting their own time and money. However, the smart professionals have learned better. (are you seeing dollar signs yet?)

It used to be that consumers with subprime credit were bad with managing money - they made bad choices, were very high-risk and not worth your time - but the market has changed. Now "dealing" with these credit-challenged clients, with the right plan, can not only be easier but just as (if not more) profitable than luxury real estate deals. Thousands of low level credit repair companies and real estate companies that have their realtors and lenders to do credit repair themselves are picking up on these signals but not maximizing their gains. That's where we come in.

We are not your average credit repair company, and we do not get average results. Our accelerated repair process and individualized coaching technique are what make us so successful. Clients we work with continue to build positive credit even after buying a home and become consistently profitable deals and repeat customers for realtors and lenders.


You could teach each and every client how to repair and build their credit, but your time is valuable and much better spent focused on closing. We work exclusively with potential buyers, turning their credit around in no time. We return grateful and prepared buyers right back to your doorstep. We do the work and you get a consistent stream of deals handed to you on a silver platter. You've already invested in collecting leads and perfecting your closing strategies; stop wasting time and money and start closing every deal.

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