Clients With Subprime Credit: Are They Worth Your Time?

Most real estate agents have dreams of working in the luxury real estate realm. This makes sense of course, higher commission on higher valued properties. Plus, luxury real estate clients are more manageable because you don't have to worry about finances, therefore it's less work per sale, right? Not exactly.

If you've spoken with any agents in the luxury industry, very few will tell you that they don't work their butts off on a daily basis. (and if they aren't telling you this, they are probably lying) Dealing in luxury real estate entails a lot of work per sale and clients expect the very best so often won't settle for fair market values. The top 2% didn't get where they are by playing fast and loose with their money, or by letting others dictate terms for them. It can take a lifetime to break into the luxury market, and most agents don't have decades to wait for their big pay days (nor should they!). The truth is, there is plenty of money to be made for those who haven't had their big break (yet).

Here are the facts: Almost half of consumers have subprime credit scores when it comes to applying for a mortgage (over 45% as of April, 2016) according to myfico reports. Add that to the fall in homeownership and the rising debt of millennials, and you've got yourself a recipe for disaster in the real estate industry. That's where we come in. Select Us LLC is not your average "credit repair company". We work exclusively with consumers looking to purchase or re-finance their homes. We have an average turn around time of 3 months, and do more than just dispute credit items. We work with clients from start to close and make sure their credit is not only restored, but maintained while building positive credit moving forward. We work with serious clients who are able to pay down debt and have saved enough to put sizable down payments on their purchases.

But these clients are a hassle, right? Not anymore. We get consumers mortgage ready with fast pre-approval and coaching on the mortgage process. Our clients know more about the mortgage process than your average homebuyer and therefore will be even more willing to accept fair market values and take the advice of the professionals referred to them.

At Select Us LLC, we have a vast network of referral partners. We work with mortgage brokers able to get deals done in the appropriate time-line to ensure successful closures. "Dealing" with clients that have low credit scores can become easy, consistent revenue for real estate agents. We do the leg work while you sit back and collect the deals.

If you're still unsure of how we can help you, or would like to join our referral network, contact our specialists today. You can save the money spent on locating and grooming cold leads and instead watch the deals roll in. Sound too good to be true? This time it isn't.

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