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credit repair referral partners



Are you a Real Estate Agent, Loan Officer, or Professional in the Housing Industry? Are you looking for more business? Stop throwing away deals!


The Select US Team works directly with industry professionals to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties involved.


We know that most consumers that aren't able to purchase a home in cash are in need of a mortgage - however, you can't get a mortgage today with bad credit.


Credit is one of the biggest factors in a mortgage besides income. Why not have the top credit coach working for you and your client? 


When you work with our team you're putting you and your client in the best hands to succeed. Our credit coaches specialize in repairing the client's credit specifically to get a mortgage and we work directly with your team.


If needed, we also provide assistance working on student loan issues, judgments, and settlements. We have a proven track record that our clients are usually ready to buy in 6 months or less! 


Let us help you build your pipeline and get your clients' credit mortgage ready!

Why Are Your Clients Getting Denied a Mortgage?

How many times have you seen your clients' mortgage application get turned down? 


If you're coming across the below issues, we can help!  

  • Collections

  • Judgments

  • Late Payments

  • Student Loan Defaults

  • Bankruptcies

credit repair referral partners
credit repair assistance for homebuyers and refinancers

We specialize in credit assistance unique to homebuyers and refinancers.


We utilize comprehensive credit coaching techniques to ensure borrowers are able to meet intensifying lender standards.  

Clients with judgment’s, collections, bankruptcies, and everything else you don’t want to see on a credit report are the clients we work with.


Our main focus is improving your clients credit score quickly to qualify them for a mortgage.



We offer on-site, phone and e-mail presentations to individuals and companies detailing the many benefits of becoming a
SELECT US partner.
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