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How to Purchase a Home with Bad Credit

If you have been recently denied the ability to purchase your dream home because of your credit score, don't worry, we can help!


Make your dreams a reality by clearing up your credit score with Select US - thousands have done it already and you can too.

Everyone deserves the American Dream of owning a home and we have helped countless individuals by coaching them through the credit repair process and even working with their mortgage lender.

Unlike other credit repair coaches, Select US works directly with the loan officer or lender through the mortgage process to ensure you receive your home loan to purchase the house of your dreams.


To get started, sign up for a Free Credit Repair Consultation to speak directly with one of our Credit Repair Coaches to discuss your home loan and desires as a home buyer.


We are passionate about educating our credit repair clients about the mortgage process when they work with our credit coaches. 


Our top-rated credit repair program and services have helped prospective homeowners get out of bad credit and take back their life. 

Are you looking to buy a home with bad credit? Check out our Credit Repair Tips for Homebuyers!


With over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, our team of established credit repair coaches knows how to fix credit to achieve your home buying goals.

Take back your credit, take back your life, and purchase your dream home with the help of Select US.

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