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Getting Started with Select US Credit Repair

At Select US, our dedicated team is determined to get you the results you need fast and handled with care. 

Are you looking to purchase or refinance a home? Credit repair for homebuyers is our specialty! We have a proprietary system that works directly with the mortgage lenders to get your credit mortgage-ready.


Looking to get a Mortgage Loan with poor Credit?

Unlike other credit repair companies, our team works directly with your lender to ensure that your credit is in good standing to qualify for your home purchase or refinance.


Our goal is to make an immediate impact in real-time - that's why we take a unique and individualized approach to improve your credit. Life is too short to live with bad credit!


We repair, rebuild, and reconfigure your credit, to stop the money bleeding in a quick time frame. 

Are You Confused by Credit Repair? We Can Help.

At Select US, we have one rule - we work for our clients and put them back in control of their finances. It's as simple as that! 

Our team of experienced credit coaches works directly on each application for credit repair. We stray away from customer portals and broken promises, or an overwhelming amount of industry verbiage - you can count on our dedicated team to walk you each step of the way.

Contact Us today to take control of your credit score. We return all calls within 24 hours except Sundays and holidays- no computer/ bot service a live person.

Are You Struggling with Bad Credit?

Does this sound like you? 


Have you worked with a credit coaching company that seemed to not understand what you were going through?


We have taken years of listening to clients, understanding the industry, and solving the problems we have seen overall - to come up with our credit counseling process. 

Here are some of the pain points we have heard from our clients - does this sound like you?


  • No direction & No results

  • "I spent a lot of money on another credit company and still have bad credit"

  • "I was instructed to buy tradelines that cost me a lot of money, a few months later they disappeared, and my credit score dropped!"

  • "I was told to get a secured card but wasn’t clearly informed on the pros/cons vs unsecured cards"

  • "I signed up with a company and received no communication"

  • "I am getting sued what do I do? I have a new collection? This company called and I don't know how to handle it?"

What YOU Want & NEED:


  • Clear Direction

  • Actual Results

  • Credit that lasts & is sustainable

  • Credit that can provide security

  • "The comfort and knowledge that if I have a bad week- month etc…that I have lines credit that can ease the tough times and stress"

  • "I want to Purchase a Home"

  • Lower interest rates

  • Lower monthly payments

  • Understanding of How Credit Works

  • Security in my Finances


The Select US team knows that it's not a one-size-fits-all solution to fixing credit - therefore you need a customized plan that works for your needs, finances, and specific goals.


We provide an exclusive boutique treatment that no other company currently offers;  a hands-on credit coaching solution.


Sign up for a free coaching today by calling (888) 714-5312 or by contacting us today! 

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