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select us credit repair consulting


Making Your Dreams Come True

Select US Credit Repair for Homebuyers

Select Us is a top-rated credit repair counseling and credit coaching firm for home buyers. With over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, our credit repair services have helped countless individuals get out bad credit and take back their life.

Looking to buy a home with bad credit? We can help fix your credit.


Whether you're a first-time homeowner or an existing homeowner looking to refinance, our team of established credit coaches knows how to repair your credit to achieve your home buying goals.

We are passionate about helping people to overcome the obstacles created by bad credit.

Are you a first-time homebuyer? We are TOP Rated in the Credit Repair Industry!

Is your bad credit getting in the way of purchasing a home? We are here to help you repair your credit and get the home of your dreams! Call us today to get started at 888-714-5312!

Our unique system of credit repair services was designed with YOU in mind. Unlike other credit repair companies, we treat every person's credit differently. We offer an individualized approach to credit repair and credit coaching.  


We take your individual concerns and issues into consideration when developing a path for you to become a homeowner - AND BEYOND! 

Want to find out more? Check out our Credit Repair Tips for Homebuyers.

If you're serious about working on your credit to purchase a home, we will get you there and fix your bad credit! 

Ready to get started? Receive a FREE Credit Coaching Consultation today!


  • Bad Credit can actually cost you MONEY and hold you back from FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

  • When you have bad credit it can prevent you from getting a mortgage, purchasing a home, and more!

  • Having bad credit doesn’t just prevent you from buying a home, or a better car, and changing your lifestyle-  it also increases your interest rates and lowers your credit limits.

  • Bad credit will cost you higher monthly payments on everything! This includes payments from home loans, auto loans, car insurance, and much more. 

  • Most people have no idea where to start when it comes to resolving their debts or fixing bad credit.

  • The majority of credit repair companies out there, do not provide individualized attention to clients and treat every client the same (when every situation is different!) - which can lead to being stuck in bad credit or worse off than when they started.

  • If you are willing to put the credit clean up work in - Credit repair or Credit Coaching will work for you!



*****by Antonio Anderson


 I am writing to say thank you to you and your team for working with me on credit improvement. When my Mortgage Company first suggested I sign up with your company, my credit was in the low 500's and I was not approved for a mortgage. After 6 months of working with your team and following their instructions, my credit score improved over 100 points and because of that, my wife and I were approved for a $375K mortgage and moved into a house in our desired community and school district. Thanks to you Chris, Amy, Heather and the entire SelectUs Team. We could not have done it without SelectUs. 

*****by Monique Howell-Moree


Words can't even express the amazing work that Select Us has done for me. Chris explained everything to me in detailed told me what to do, I jumped on what i needed to do and next thing I know the whole team helped to make my credit scores shoot sky rocket!!!! 2 days ago I was able to close on my First home!! TODAY I am now a proud Homeowner and living in my beautiful home!!! Had I not chosen Select Us, this would not have been possible!! They all were on top of things, phone calls, emails,... they were on it!! I recommend them to anyone!! I'm forever greatful because I thought I would never get my scores up until I signed up with Select Us. Chris guaranteed me I would see improvement in my score and, sure enough, it happened!!! Thanks Chris and the whole team again for this wonderful experience!!

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